June 12/2013 Fishing Report

Norse Lake’s walleye are on fire. Fellows that came out were reporting they were shallow in about 4 to 8 feet and the deepest at 12 feet. Minnows have been working awesome on all lakes. Biggest fish from Norse has been a 40″ pike from Little Norse lake. Bass are not on beds yet which probably means the water has not warmed up as much as thought.

Brown Bear Lake has had some great catches of walleye on the main lake. Lake trout have be on fire as well on Beauty Lake. Lake level is slowly evening out to a bit above normal. Walleye’s on Robin have been pretty agresive as well and catching a limit doesn’t take long. Bass have been a little slow and haven’t seen any on beds yet.

Treelined Lake’s pike we expect to be pretty agressive. We’ve just had people go in so haven’t got a report as to the fishing on the lake yet. Will keep you posted.

Populus Lake guests have been having a blast. The fish have been very active on the lake, especially the walleye. They’ve had some really nice shore lunches. Lake trout have kept them busy and they’ve been some nice 3 to 4 lb. trout caught and released. They have been fairly shallow as well. Minnows have been working great on Populus lake.

Gordie Lake we haven’t got a report on fishing yet but hope to tomorrow. We expect these pike to be in the shallows and they are most likely pretty hungry. They’ve just been using artificials on Gordie Lake.

Unexpected Lake has been really good. Lake level is up quite a bit but walleyes and pike are way up in the shallows. Hasn’t been a lot of Bass activity but the fellows have been catching lots of fish, mostly walleyes. They have been using live bait along with some artificial baits and gulp products. They did say leeches worked almost as good as minnows.

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