Ontario Whitetail Deer Hunting

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Northwest Ontario Whitetail Deer Hunting trip
at our Main Camp at Pickerel Lake

Ontario Whitetail deer hunting in Kenora, Northwest Ontario, is world famous!  The vast pine and spruce ridges along with the willow and birch bottoms have been holding great deer numbers for years.  The old logged out and cut over areas have created new, fresh food plots for the deer herd.  This along with the controlled doe harvest has made for some great big whitetail buck hunting action.  The doe to buck ratio is excellent for good rutting activity during daylight hours.
Ontario_Whitetail_Deer Hunting - Pickerel_Lake_Outfitters

We have whitetail deer that are large bodied with heavy massed racks.  Vast area with lack of roads enables the deer to grow to five and six years old with little deer hunting pressure.  Typical trophies range in the 120 to 170 inch class with the Ontario record being over 190 inches.  Non-typical trophies are taken every year in our area and some have measured over 200 inches.

Heavy pine ridges with scrape lines are easily found for good deer hunting success.  We have deer hunted the area extensively for over 20 years and are constantly scouting new areas to ensure you have a memorable whitetail deer hunt.

Ontario Deer hunt areas require ATV, 4WD truck and boat access.  Most whitetail deer hunters have a lot of success with still hunting from the ground, calling and setting up on scrape lines.

We also offer a western style whitetail deer hunt.  When the rutting activity gets slow we have well placed food plots and baited stands that produce a lot of deer activity.  We have had as many as seven different bucks on a stand in one days watch.  This method has worked well in Saskatchewan for years and with our western area being so similar we have tried it and it has proved to be very successful for our guests.
Ontario_Whitetail__Deer_Hunting - Pickerel_Lake_Outfitters

We only take small groups of deer hunters at one time, so this enables us to provide a personalized and custom hunt that results in a great success rate and fond memories to last a lifetime.

In saying all this, deer hunters have to be realistic.  This is a big bush, Canadian whitetail deer fair chase hunt.  Most important thing to realize is that weather controls the success of the deer hunt.  Our territory is full of predators like the timber wolf and as a result the wind can really affect the deer hunt.  “Its simple”, in our area, deer just do not move when it is windy.  But these predators have also maintained our deer herd to be healthy and strong, taking the sick and inferior out.

The hunter also has to understand that there is not a 160 inch whitetail buck behind every tree in Canada.  It takes patience and a lot of time spent in the woods to be successful, but we have found that this is the reason our area attracts deer hunters from the USA because there are no fences or posted land where we hunt.

Black Powder / Rifle / Archery/ Muzzle Loaders/ Crossbow Ontario Deer Hunts - Pickerel Lake Outfitters
Hunt whitetail from stands in morning and evening
Mid-day stalk and cut-over still-hunting

Baited ground blinds maintained by guides
Skinning/ trophy care/ freezer service
ATV, snowmachine, 4WD transportation to and from hunting spots

All meals and accomodations provided

6 days fully-guided American Plan Deer hunting – $ 3400.00

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Black Powder or Rifle Ontario Deer Hunts - Pickerel Lake Outfitters
6 days light housekeeping deer hunt for up to 4 hunters
Orientation with knowledgeable guide
We reccommend one ATV and truck per two hunters
Field dressing, Trophy care and we provide freezer services.

Baited ground blinds maintained by guides

Includes bonus walleye and northern pike fishing in the early season
6 Days of semi-guided deer hunting / $ 1250.00 U.S. per person*

**Hunters remember to bring an old state hunting license so you can purchase an Ontario Deer hunting license

Licenses not included

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Ontario Whitetail Deer Hunting - Pickerel Lake Outfitters Ontario_Whitetail_Deer_Hunting - Pickerel_Lake_Outfitters  Ontario Whitetail Deer Hunting