July Fishing Report

July fishing this year has been fairly consistent on all the lakes despite all the crazy weather changes. Anyone fishing for walleyes has found it most productive using live bait and this year the leeches have been outfishing minnows which usually isn’t the case. Worms have made a pretty good back up for leeches.
Guests fishing for walleye on Unexpected lake have found then pretty much scattered around the lake. When it was really hot the walleyes were hanging out around the river coming into Unexpected lake as well as close to cabin in the weeds. Pike were ferocious in their attempts to snag walleyes off guests fishing lines.
Brown Bear lake saw some awesome catches of smallmouth bass both on the main lake and on Midway lakes. Lake trout on Beauty lake were suspended in about 30 feet of water and some nice catches were had by guests.
Populus lake was very steady with some nice sized walleyes and lake trout caught and released on that lake. Waiting for pictures from guests to post on websites and on Facebook pages.
Treelined lake had a few spectacular sized smallies caught and released and the upper northwest bay produced some top notch pike this July.
Gordie lake has been producing some nice sized northern pike and “The Bait” has been a red devil spoon forcatching those monster sized pike. Just ask Gina!!!
Weather has cooled off significantly. No more swimming until we get some warmer weather! Its been feeling a lot like fall lately.

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